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Scheduled Tours

  • Tour details here

  • Duration 120 minutes

  • Starts at 12 PM every day

  • Group size limit 10

  • Price 20 € or 150 HRK

  • Tour details here

  • Duration 90 minutes

  • Starts at 10 AM every day

  • Group size limit 10

  • Price 15 € or 110 HRK

  • Tour details here

  • Duration 120 minutes

  • Starts at 5 PM every day

  • Group size limit 10

  • Price 20 € or 150 HRK

  • Small groups only - 10 people limit on scheduled walks except for True Fan Game of Thrones, which is limited to 6 people

  • Private versions of all tours are available 

  • Pay just before the tour starts

  • Meeting point for all tours is at Pile square, just outside Old Town

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Game of Thrones fans are in for a treat. On Game of Thrones tour expect much more than visit of the the filming locations . I will tell you about behind the scenes events, show you screenshot images and share with you stories about all things GoT. And yes, you can take a picture of yourself on the Throne :)


True Fan Game of Thrones lasts 3 hours, is limited to 6 people and will show you more than any GoT tour in Dubrovnik. Over time I have accumulated much more material than I can share on standard GoT walk so on this tour, I want to show you what 4 years of Game of Thrones research have brought me. 


City Walls visit is a must in Dubrovnik, and the best way to do it is with a guide. See Old Town of Dubrovnik at it's best and learn about the history of this amazing town.


Old Town History takes you through streets of Historic Town Center and you will get a real sense of the city's rich and unique history and the eccentric characters that have occupied this town throughout the ages.




  • Tours run every day, May to November

  • If You book through this website, all subsequent tours with Majic Walk Tours will be discounted by 10%

  • For info on how to find meeting point activate "meeting point" link

  • If you can't find the starting point, don't worry - use WhatsApp +385921313858 and I will help :)

  • On all Majic Walk Tours, kids under 13 can accompany you free of charge

  • For more information about individual walking tours use "I want to know more" button under tour description

  • For even more information book a tour ;)

  • On Game of Thrones, tour page make sure you read the IMPORTANT NOTICE at the bottom of the page

  • If you want a different, custom-made tour just for you that is not on our list, use the contact form and we will make arrangements

  • To all fans of Game of Thrones, we recommend a visit to GoT escape room. Go here to check it out or type in your browser.

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